James Molesworth, Senior Editor, Wine Spectator

"I’ve known Ben since 2008 when his Infinite Monkey Theory wines first came across my tasting table at Wine Spectator. I was impressed with their quality and style from the start. From there, I charted his progress as he explored new grape varietals, new grape sources from outside Colorado, alternative packaging and the development of a urban winery in downtown Denver. All of this helped bring Colorado wine into the mainstream for wine lovers. Ben is an innovator who believes in quality and I look forward to seeing what he works on next..."


Doug Caskey, executive director of the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board

"Ben has made tremendous contributions to the Colorado wine industry over his many years here and in his many different roles.  He has probably done as much as any other single person to bring high-quality Colorado wine to the attention of Colorado consumers at restaurants, in liquor stores, and especially in fun, fanciful packaging.  He pioneered can wine for the entire country, and took Colorado's reputation to the next level.  He made wine fun.  I know that IMT will miss his creative energy and vision.  I hope he stays in Colorado."


Aaron Forman, Table 6, Tequila Proximus,

"Ben Parsons and I go back more than a decade in the constantly evolving Colorado wine industry.  He is the one who taught me you can truly make great wine without being from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmont, Napa, and beyond.  Ben is an innovator in the wine making community.  He showed me that an urban winery could not only exist but thrive!  In the right hands, with the right people and understanding of the craft, you can make amazing wines regardless of your location.  This is what Ben does on so many levels; he sees the possibilities and follows through.  (If you want to taste brilliance, ’08 100th Infinite Monkey!  Boom!)  Ben has been able to make great wines that are approachable and beautiful, which come from an uncommon part of the world.  His hard work and truly innovative spirit have brought a new and ever-expanding revelation to the wine industry.  His passion and resilience is one of the main reasons I got into the wine world as I knew the infinite possibilities that Ben helped me witness no just in Colorado, but across the world."


Michael Hranicka, president and CEO of Microstar Logistics

“I first met Ben a decade ago in a graffiti-riddled Quonset hut to discuss his “crazy” idea to can wine. Since then, I have watched with admiration as he built the TIMT brand, crafted highly-respected wines and single handedly changed the approachability of the space through packaging innovation...cannot wait to see what he does next”


Cassidee Shull, Executive Director Colorado Association for Viticulture & Enology (CAVE)

"The Infinite Monkey Theorem has played an instrumental role in the successes of the Colorado wine industry. From being the first winery to can wine to one of the first wineries located in a city, Ben Parsons is the force behind these innovative risks. These decisions have assisted in elevating the Colorado wine brand and this ripple can be felt today in our growing industry."


Ashley Hausman, Master of Wine, Old World Wine Co.

"I admire Ben Parsons. He is an individual—an innovator and a risk taker. He has pushed boundaries, ruffled feathers and introduced Colorado wine to so many local consumers. He helped realize Colorado’s potential by making high quality wine that’s also fun, relevant and a vehicle for community. 
Ben Parsons has been an instrumental figure in Colorado wine's becoming."

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